I received Biofeedback sessions for my severe neck and lower back pain due to a car accident. After a couple of sessions with Giselle, I felt my energy level and mental awareness of my surroundings gradually return to a Healthy state. My emotional and physical well-being has also returned to a Healthy level. The sessions that followed the first few visits Helped increase neck and lower back strength, allowing me to be in a seated position for long periods of time. I also received sessions for my frozen shoulder. Electro acupuncture was applied to my shoulder, resulting in significant pain relief and I am definitely gaining more range of motion and experiencing less pain. I was really impressed with the accuracy of the INDIGO Biofeedback system. It was able to detect my stressors way before I even addressed the situation with Giselle. I must say, Giselle is not just an excellent Biofeedback practitioner; She is also a good listener. She is willing to share his knowledge, insight and experience with her Clients. Thank you for all your Help Giselle. – Claire S.

I started with Giselle when my mom was dying. I felt such a close connection to my mom that I felt that I was dying with her. I could not let go of her. Giselle walked me through the pain, she released the bad energy and left me be me. I used her knowledge many times over, I always feel at peace and in tune with myself after a session. Giselle is the only person that I would trust with the self in me. – Karen Moore

From the moment I met Giselle, my experience of this life has become steadily more joyful. Giselle has not only helped me by removing the energy of others from my body and spirit, but she has selflessly worked to teach me how to more effectively do this myself. Giselle is one of the most loving, supportive, compassionate and understanding souls I know. With her help and teaching, I not only feel better emotionally than I ever have, but my body has also finally started to look the way I always envisioned. I wake up every day happy to be alive and excited about my journey. Everything seems possible now. – Cynthia Gulliver –

I called Giselle one day, hardly able to talk; I had Laryngitis. After about fifteen minutes of Giselle moving energy and expressing the emotional cause of the physical illness, I was able to speak! This was a brilliant learning experience for me and a true testament of the incredible Healing ability Giselle possesses and his incredible talent to move energy. – Marco Tello –

After fifteen years of marriage, we found ourselves tired of each other and with lots of negative feelings and that started to affect our overall physical Health and spiritual well being. We had done other therapy and counseling, focusing on just the emotional and mental aspects of our relationship, but found ourselves continuing our negative energetic impulses. Because she works with energy on spiritual, physical, emotional and mental levels, Giselle has helped us reconnect on an energetic level. With his intuitiveness, insight, honesty, and knowledge, Giselle has helped us to realize that we can love each other again, and that happiness and Health are a choice away. Giselle is professional, passionate and dedicated to assisting others without judgment. He is like family and we feel blessed to work with him. – Manuel and Susana white -

I first saw Giselle because my hips and knees were hurting all summer long as I practiced running to prepare for a half-marathon. I spent much of the summer in a chiropractor’s office. But the pain kept returning. A friend of mine told me that my pain was blocked energy. “Go see Giselle,” she said. I finally did. After one session with Giselle, my hip and knee pain were gone and I was able to run my half-marathon successfully. The pain did not come back. I thought that was a miracle. Since that time, Giselle has helped me clear major emotional blocks. I am free of depression, feeling happy and I have cleared much of my past that had been keeping me from living fully in the present. I think this Healing is a miracle. – Daisy Clark –


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